date: 17th Dec 2015

tags: Activism, Documentary, Environment, Law, Politics, Science

Australia will soon become the world’s biggest gas exporter as more than 30,000 ‘fracked’ wells are sunk in the state of Queensland alone. ‘The Frackman’, a.k.a. Dayne Pratzky, is an activist standing up to coal seam gas conglomerates who demand the right to drill wells on private farmland. Along with others in the community wanting to keep mining away from land where they’re planning to build new homes, Dayne soon realises they have no legal rights to prevent fracking on their own land.



Director and mate Richard Todd follows Dayne’s journey from humble homeowner to blockade organiser throughout the film. The pair take to the streets to rally community and public support against the energy companies as well as raise awareness to the dangers it poses to the environment. Dayne pushes boundaries to get his message across in the film, stampeding into energy conferences, marching in a contamination suit and sneaking into drill sites to take samples of the toxic chemical mixtures being pumped into the ground. Dayne’s struggle is portrayed as a true David and Goliath story; Aussie battler vs. the Establishment.

Hydraulic fracturing or ‘Fracking’ involves drilling down into the earth and directing a pressurised, toxic mixture of chemicals at the rock to release the coal seam gas inside.

Frackman is A Call to Arms and Dayne Pratzky uses his story to rally us to join the fight. It’s hard to watch this compelling film without responding and support has already been garnered from Australian personalities such as Allen Jones, Leo Sayer, John Waters, Nell Schofield, Demi Hines and Michael Caton. Frackman is a great conservationist case study in the fight for a cleaner earth.

Australians and New Zealanders can rent Frackman at or watch it for free with a participating library membership card.


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