date: 1st May 2016

tags: Biography, Film

The highly acclaimed and infamous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, was invited to New York for a series of poetry readings in 1950 by John M Brinnin. The ensuing dramas inspired a book and now a film starring Elijah Wood.

>> Watch “Set Fire to the Stars” Now.


Having ignored all the rumours of Thomas’ frivolities, Brinin finds that he has his hands full on their poetry tour of the most prestigious college campuses in the United States.

In a desperate effort to maintain Thomas’ sobriety, Brinnin takes the poet out to a retreat in the woods of Connecticut. But even in the middle of nowhere, isolated from culture and civilisation, Thomas finds an audience for his art, passion, love and aggression.

Based on John M Brinnin’s account of his wayward hero, Dylan Thomas’, first visit to New York in 1950, “SET FIRE TO THE STARS: A Week With Dylan Thomas” is the feature debut of director Andy Goddard (Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time).

Starring Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings), Celyn Jones (Castles In The Sky/Above Suspicion), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes, Flight), Stephen Mackintosh (The Sweeney, Kick-Ass 2) and Shirley Henderson (Bridget Jones, Filth) the film is a must-see for Dylan Thomas fans and for lovers of art and poetry.

>> Watch “Set Fire to the Stars” Now.


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