date: 12th May 2016

tags: Adventure, Drama, Sport

National pride and Olympic gold await those that manage to climb the infamous North Face of the Eiger Mountain. However, attempts to scale the North Face’s unrelenting wall of ice and snow have ended in death. No one has yet been successful in reaching its summit. And yet the challenge to conquer the North Face is the aspiration of many of Europe’s best mountain climbers, and is a challenge taken up by two German climbers.

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Based on an incredible true story, the award-winning drama “North Face” charts the journey of two German mountain climbers – Toni Kurz and Andi Hinterstoisser – as they attempt to scale the Eiger Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, the world looks on. Their progress is being reported by the world press, including Luise Fellner, a journalist who is coincidentally also Toni’s first love.


As the climbers progress up the mountain, the conditions begin to worsen: the weather shifts, rocks begin to fall from above, and the climbers lose their advantage over the treacherous terrain. What was envisaged as an epic journey to reach the summit quickly disintegrates into a struggle for survival against the forces of nature. The world looks on as the climbers are forced to turn back, and the journalist Luise Fellner undertakes a rescue operation where no one else will.

“When you’re at the at the bottom – Toni once told me – at the foot of the wall, and you look up, you ask yourself: How can anyone climb that? Why would anyone even want to? But hours later when you’re at the top looking down, you’ve forgotten everything. Except the one person you promised you would come back to.” [Excerpt from Luise Fellner’s voiceover].




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