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Pandora's Promise

What if we’ve got nuclear power wrong?

The Queen of Versailles

A billionaire family faces financial challenge.

Life Animated

An autistic child uses Disney movies to learn to communicate with the world.

52 Tuesdays

16 year old Billie struggles with her mother's plan to gender transition.

The Telegram Man

In WWI, a local telegram man becomes the bearer of bad news for his community.

Chacun Son Cinema

A collaboration between 35 of the world's best directors.

Once Around the Sun

At last, the long-lost film inspired by Australia's first rock festival - The Pilgrimage For Pop Festival - at Ourimbah, near Sydney in 1970.

The Back of Beyond

Follow a rural postman along the Birdsville Track in the 50s.

The Devils Playground

A young boy’s coming-of-age in a Catholic seminary.

The Men Who Would Conquer China

A New Yorker his Hong Kong business partner join forces to take on China.

Like Crazy

In Tuscany, two women escape from a psychiatric facility and go on an adventure.

Do Not Resist

A stunning look at the current state of policing in America

Janis Little Girl Blue

Janis Joplin as you’ve never known her before

The Rocket

A Laotian boy who has a reputation for being bad luck enters a rocket festival.

Being Elmo A Puppeteers Journey

Discovering the man behind the muppet.

Welcome to Kandos

Art festival Cementa13 revives a rural NSW town.

Filmed in Supermarionation

The studio that put puppetry on the map.

Nazareth Cinema Lady

The woman who established the first and only Arab cinematheque in Israel.

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

An iconic special-effects guru.

That Sugar Film

The bitter truth about sugar.


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