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Shut Up and Play The Hits

LCD Soundsystem's last show.

The Tin Drum

The horrors of two world wars in Germany via the gaze of an unusual boy.

Human Capital

Two families become intertwined after a horrible accident.


Behind the dark and secretive world of online tickling videos.

Footy Chicks

The women who pursue footballers...and why.


The first Aboriginal film star.

Venus and Serena

The sisters who rule the tennis world.

Pandora's Promise

What if we’ve got nuclear power wrong?

Chasing Asylum

The real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies.

7 Boxes

Deliver the boxes, get the money. Easy, right? Victor took the wrong job.

MAMIL Middle Aged Men in Lycra

Middle-aged men live secret lives as bicycle enthusiasts.

Mary Meets Mohammad

Local knitting club member Mary meets Afghan asylum seeker Mohammad.

Puberty Blues

Two teenagers fight against peer pressure in 80s Australia.

In Search of Mozart

The life and works of Mozart

Fake It So Real

Dive head-first into the world of independent pro wrestling

Last Days Here

The lead singer of Pentagram battles his demons.

Bran Nue Dae

How the successful stage musical got made.

The Mermaid Princess

A mermaid must choose between the ocean's rules or rescuing her friends

Its Raining Pleasure The Triffids

The four-night reunion of a seminal 80s Aussie band


A 90-year-old atheist comes to terms with his own mortality.


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