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In Bob We Trust

Priest, irreverent philosopher and working class hero.

Going Clear Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Revealing the secrets of the Church of Scientology

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

Incomparable British broadcaster Louis Theroux is hilariously provocative in his first feature documentary, LOUIS THEROUX: MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE.

Faith Connections

Kumbh Mela is one of the world’s most extraordinary religious events.

Jesus Camp

Three youngsters as they are indoctrinated to "take back America for Christ".

A Nuns New Habit

Sister Carmel, a sister of the Good Samaritans, is a fighter for social justice. Along with many of her contemporaries, she is passionately involved with the plight of refugees who were incarcerated in detention for many years.

Awake The Life Of Yogananda

The man who brought Yoga to the world.

Chasing God

Why do humans believe in a higher power?

Gardening With Soul

A year in the garden with 90-year-old Sister Loyola Galvin.

Silence In The House of God Mea Maxima Culpa

Exposing the abuse of power in the Catholic Church.

The Trouble with St Marys

A priest sacked for unorthodox practices by the Church fights back.

Nazareth Cinema Lady

The woman who established the first and only Arab cinematheque in Israel.

Mary Meets Mohammad

Local knitting club member Mary meets Afghan asylum seeker Mohammad.

The Trials Of Muhammad Ali

Examining Ali's life outside the ring, beginning with the announcement of his deeply held and controversial Islamic religious beliefs and the decision to change his "white man's name" of Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.


A resilient community group decide to care for their own dead.

Sentenced to Marriage

The Kafkaesque process of divorce for women in Israel where secular law does not exist

WACO The Rules of Engagement

In 1995 a cult and the FBI had a 55 day stand-off.

American The Bill Hicks Story

Comedian Bill Hicks is an inspiration to millions.

Pussy Riot A Punk Prayer

Members of Pussy Riot face a trial that will change their future.

The Family

The bizarre true story of Australia's most notorious cult.


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