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Winding reveals the untold story of the most infamous river in Israel, the Yarkon.

Burts Buzz

The remarkable double life of the beekeeper who became a brand identity.

Then The Wind Changed

Australia's worst recorded natural disaster: Black Saturday.

Girl Clock

Christine would enjoy her forties...if only Mother Nature wasn’t such a bitch!


Explores the huge Australian coal export industry from the grassroots up.

Marina Abramovic In Brazil The Space In Between

Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil in search of the spiritual forces of nature that are embedded in the culture of native Brazilians.

The Summit

One of the worst climbing disasters in history - and its hero.


The film that killed SeaWorld.

The Hungry Tide

Maria TIimon, a Kiribati woman, alerts the world to her sinking homeland.

Hot Air

Twenty years of political struggle to reduce NZ's emissions and avert disaster.


A man chases an improbable dream in the mysterious depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Sans Soleil

One of the most remarkable film essays ever made.

North Face

Who will be the first to climb the notorious Eiger North Face?

The Deep

A fisherman survives an impossible accident. What now?

A Heros Choice

During WWII, a town is forced to find a scapegoat for the death of a dead soldier.

Chacun Son Cinema

A collaboration between 35 of the world's best directors.

Graceful Girls

Live to dance, dance to win.

Living the Change Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future

Exploring solutions to the global crises we face today

A Crude Injustice

Farmers struggle for compensation after an oil spill.

More Than Honey

Over the past 15 years, numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world, but the causes of this disaster remain unknown.


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