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Celebrity Dominick Dunne

The life of a great celebrity of journalism.

The Look of Silence

A Indonesian man confronts his brother's killers.


A jailed murderer bonds with an eagle

Hounds of Love

A kidnapped woman must outsmart her married kidnappers.


Three womens' lives become entwined by an act of violence

Heat Wave

A quiet French hamlet is disrupted by the murder of a known troublemaker

On The Other Side Of Life

Two poor brothers living in Cape Town are charged with murder.

The Babadook

If it's in a word or in a look you can't get rid of the Babadook.

The Children of Paradise

Four men compete for the love of a courtesan.


Loving father, war criminal...or both?

I Am Not Your Negro

The life of literary iconoclast James Baldwin.

WACO The Rules of Engagement

In 1995 a cult and the FBI had a 55 day stand-off.

North Face

Who will be the first to climb the notorious Eiger North Face?

The Act Of Killing

Unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads re-enact their crimes

Besieged the Ned Kelly Story

Ned Kelly - outlaw, freedom fighter, or common criminal?

Cartel Land

Two modern-day vigilante groups fight Mexico's drug cartels.

The Tracker

The Australian outback, 1922...four men relentlessly track a fugitive.

Alois Nebel

A Czech train dispatcher is haunted by the events in which he played a part in WWII.


The Coniston massacre saw the brutal slaughter of 100 Aboriginal people.

Guilty Pleasures

Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love.


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