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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

The world of product placement in movies.

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

Incomparable British broadcaster Louis Theroux is hilariously provocative in his first feature documentary, LOUIS THEROUX: MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE.

Eight and a Half

The Italian classic. A director struggles to get his new movie off the ground.

Hunt Angels

In the late 1930s, Rupert Kathner and Alma Brooks began a movie-making spree

Becoming Traviata

The reinvention of Verdi’s masterpiece, La Traviata.

Mistaken for Strangers

A hilarious, unusual, and moving film about two brothers, Matt and Tom Berninger.

Woody Allen A Documentary

Trailing Allen on his movie sets and back to his childhood haunts.

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

An iconic special-effects guru.

WACO The Rules of Engagement

In 1995 a cult and the FBI had a 55 day stand-off.

Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies

The link between the advent of cinema and Cubism.

Storm Surfers The Movie

Two friends on their quest to hunt down the most dangerous waves in Australia.

ANPO Art x War

Japanese artists respond to US military presence.

The Last Impresario

Michael White: theatre and film impresario responsible for 300 shows and 50 movies.

Life Animated

An autistic child uses Disney movies to learn to communicate with the world.


A poetic documentary on four generations of maternal family in Tasmania.

The Summit

One of the worst climbing disasters in history - and its hero.

Thanks Girls And Goodbye

The story of the Australian Women's Land Army.

Their Finest

In WWII an untried film crew try to inspire a nation.

To The Other Shore

The story of motherhood as a rite of passage.


Giving hope for the world of tomorrow against the challenges we face today.


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