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Journal de France

An extraordinary travel journal from a great photographer

The Last Metro

During the Nazi occupation of France, Marion tries to keep her Jewish husband alive.

Camille Claudel 1915

Winter, 1915. Confined by her family to an asylum in the South of France - where she will never sculpt again - the chronicle of Camille Claudel's reclusive life, as she waits for a visit from her brother, Paul Claudel.

Women Without A Pause

Menopause in cultures around the world.

Tea With Madame Clos

An elderly French woman recalls her life...and the Holocaust.

Where to Invade Next

Do solutions to America's problems already exist overseas?

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The oldest human paintings ever discovered.

Nancy Wake Gestapos Most Wanted

International femme fatale Nancy Wake and her wild story.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

Juliette is a chic housewife with a dark secret.

Fantastic Planet

On a faraway planet oppressed humanoids rebel against their machine-like leaders.

The Magnificent Tati

Jacques Tati, France’s unique master of comedy film.

The Past

An Iranian man, separated from his wife, returns to Paris to finalise their divorce.


A family gathers for a reunion to watch a falling space shuttle.

In The Shadow of Women

A man is torn between his old love and a new flame

2 Autumns 3 Winters

A whimsical portrait of four art-savvy Parisians.

The 400 Blows

The French new wave classic about a boy's struggle to break free.

Becoming Traviata

The reinvention of Verdi’s masterpiece, La Traviata.

The Children of Paradise

Four men compete for the love of a courtesan.

Dior and I

‘Behind-the-seams’ at the making of Raf Simons’ first collection for Christian Dior.

Fly Me To The Moon

Marry a stranger, break a curse. Simple, right?


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