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Beyond Our Ken

Kenja – ‘spiritual awareness centre’ or dangerous cult?

The Family

The bizarre true story of Australia's most notorious cult.

WACO The Rules of Engagement

In 1995 a cult and the FBI had a 55 day stand-off.


Fashion Designer Dries Van Noten allows a filmmaker to follow him for a year.

Last Days Here

The lead singer of Pentagram battles his demons.


Rowland S. Howard: punk legend, sardonic wit, gut wrenching lyricist.

David Wants to Fly

Transcendental Meditation - conspiracy or cure?

Going Clear Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Revealing the secrets of the Church of Scientology

Marina Abramovic In Brazil The Space In Between

Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil in search of the spiritual forces of nature that are embedded in the culture of native Brazilians.

Masculin Feminin

A candid and wildly funny examination of youth culture in throbbing 60s Paris.


Three womens' lives become entwined by an act of violence

Eames The Architect And The Painter

America's most influential industrial designers.

Strange Birds in Paradise

Australian musicologist David Bridie seeks to preserve the music of Papua New Guinea.

Putuparri and the Rainmakers

A man torn between his Western upbringing and tradition.

Generation Wealth

The pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen.

All For One

The first five years of the GREENEDGE cycling journey.

Casablancas The Man Who Loved Women

The man who invented the supermodel.

Strangers In Paradise

Twelve tourists are shocked by the conditions of Australian Indigenous people.

Buena Vista Social Club

Aging Cuban musicians are brought out of retirement.


Allen Ginsberg and the poetry that rocked a nation.


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