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Two Hands

A young man starts working for the local crime boss...then everything goes wrong.

The Man Who Stole My Mothers Face

One woman’s quest to get justice for her mother

7 Boxes

Deliver the boxes, get the money. Easy, right? Victor took the wrong job.


An ordinary day at a fast-food restaurant turns sinister when a stranger calls.


A professional ghost hunter sets out to find what happened to his missing father.

Silence In The House of God Mea Maxima Culpa

Exposing the abuse of power in the Catholic Church.

The Act Of Killing

Unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads re-enact their crimes

3 12 Minutes 10 Bullets

The trial that shook a nation.

Hounds of Love

A kidnapped woman must outsmart her married kidnappers.

Blind Detective

A blind cop and a female inspector team up to solve a bank robbery.

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame

A detective solves a series of deaths that threaten to delay the inauguration of Empress Wu.

Let the Bullets Fly

A hoodlum feels threatened by his town's new governor.


A temporal agent embarks on a time-travelling assignment to prevent a terror attack.


The lives of women who are serving time in prison for complicity in terrorist attacks in Israel.

Bad Blood

Carrie and Vincent are happily in love. Until Vincent's past catches up...

Heat Wave

A quiet French hamlet is disrupted by the murder of a known troublemaker

The Page Turner

A failed musician plans an elaborate revenge

The House I Live In

The human cost of America's war on drugs.

The Imposter

Con artist Frederick Bourdin convinces a family he is their long-missing son.


A delirious meditation on hysteria – and one of tabloid media's strangest stories.


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