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Spice Islands Adventure

Ten Australians sail to Indonesia in a homemade boat

Robbery Under Arms Part 1

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

Robbery Under Arms Part 2

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

Caveman Calling

Can modern man go back to his caveman days? And would he want to?

Dot and the Kangaroo

A young girl gets lost in the outback and befriends a kangaroo.

Blinky Bill the Mischievous Koala

An Aussie kids' classic about a mischievous koala.


Three young cyclists set out to bike from San Francisco to Orlando.

The Back of Beyond

Follow a rural postman along the Birdsville Track in the 50s.

Beyond The Edge

The first ascent of Everest.

Blue Fin

A high seas coming-of-age yarn about set off Port Lincoln, SA.

Freedom Force

A group of kids with special powers and their trusted dog are sent back in time on a mission to restore the famous stories and their place in history as the mad President and Minister of Cultural Affairs are trying to change them.

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame

A detective solves a series of deaths that threaten to delay the inauguration of Empress Wu.

Empire of Silver

1899. A young man is heir to a banking Empire and all the challenges it faces.

Little Big Soldier

An old soldier captures a young general takes him on a long journey to collect a reward.

Fly Me To The Moon

Marry a stranger, break a curse. Simple, right?

Skippy And The Intruders

A boy and his kangaroo uncover a smuggling ring.

Walking the Camino

Six modern-day adventurers take on the 500-mile Camino de Santiago.

Night Train to Lisbon

A Swiss Professor abandons his lectures to embark on a thrilling adventure.

The Nutcracker Sweet

It is Christmas Eve. And the children are set for a big adventure.

Storm Surfers The Movie

Two friends on their quest to hunt down the most dangerous waves in Australia.


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