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A United Kingdom

The romance that challenged two countries.


One family's legacy and two generations of motorcycle road racers.

Set Fire to the Stars

Infamous poet Dylan Thomas is not an easy guest.

Death of a Gentleman

Two cricket fans join forces to try to help save it.

Spirit Of 45

The end of WWII, 1945 was a pivotal year in British history.

Gore Vidal The United States of Amnesia

An iconic thinker and fearless critic.

Guilty Pleasures

Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love.

Man on Wire

A maverick, a dreamer, an artist: Philippe Petit is all of these things and more.

The Perverts Guide to Ideology

Philosopher Slavoj Zizek examines the hidden themes and existential questions asked by world renowned films.

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

Incomparable British broadcaster Louis Theroux is hilariously provocative in his first feature documentary, LOUIS THEROUX: MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE.

The Next Goal Wins

American Samoa's soccer team is an international laughing stock. Losers who haven't won a game in 10 years, they are desperate to gain the support and pride of their nation.

The Angels Share

Narrowly avoiding jail, new dad Robbie vows to turn over a new leaf.

The Edge of Dreaming

If you dream your own death, can it come true?

American The Bill Hicks Story

Comedian Bill Hicks is an inspiration to millions.

Annie Leibovitz Life Through A Lens

Annie Leibovitz - iconic photographer of iconic people.

The Battle Of The Sexes

The tennis match that changed women's sport forever.


Before the D-Day landings in June 1944, Churchill must make hard choices.

The Comedians Guide To Survival

It's a tough life trying to make people laugh.


The life and career of ballet dancer Sergei Polunin

Dark Horse

How hard can it really be to breed a racehorse?


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