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The worst tragedy in the history of Everest.

Graceful Girls

Live to dance, dance to win.

Gardening With Soul

A year in the garden with 90-year-old Sister Loyola Galvin.

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

A man experiences time in reverse.

Filmed in Supermarionation

The studio that put puppetry on the map.

That Sugar Film

The bitter truth about sugar.


Introducing Stefan Knupfer, piano tuner for Steinway and Sons.

Anne of Green Gables

In a kid's classic, orphan Anne takes on the world

Harry Dean Stanton Partly Fiction

A mesmerising portrait of an iconic actor

Seduced and Abandoned

Making a film deal at Cannes isn't easy.

Hunt Angels

In the late 1930s, Rupert Kathner and Alma Brooks began a movie-making spree

Cross Life

Ten fragments of life amidst Sydney’s red light district, Kings Cross.

Woody Allen A Documentary

Trailing Allen on his movie sets and back to his childhood haunts.

David Lynch the Art Life

An intimate journey through the formative years of Lynch's life.

The Farmers Cinematheque

For the Teasdales, farming and film-making were inter-related.

Sans Soleil

One of the most remarkable film essays ever made.

The Telegram Man

In WWI, a local telegram man becomes the bearer of bad news for his community.

A Trick of the Light

The tale of the Skladanowsky Brothers, who invented the “bioskop”.

Into the Shadows

Inside the challenging Australian film industry

Fake It So Real

Dive head-first into the world of independent pro wrestling


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