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Italy Love It or Leave It

Two men travel Italy to decide if they should stay or leave.

I Told You I Was Ill The Life And Legacy Of Spike Milligan

An intimate portrait of comic genius Spike Milligan.

Robbery Under Arms Part 1

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

Robbery Under Arms Part 2

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

Jerry Lewis The Man Behind the Clown

Since the early days, Jerry Lewis – in the line of Chaplin and Laurel – had the masses laughing with his visual gags, pantomime sketches and signature slapstick humour.

About Elly

Elly joins her friends for a beach holiday. But things start to wrong.

All Governments Lie

The legacy of I.F. Stone on independent journalism.

Becoming Traviata

The reinvention of Verdi’s masterpiece, La Traviata.

Black Beauty

A modern retelling of Anna Sewell’s classic novel.

Dark Horse

How hard can it really be to breed a racehorse?


The country boy who cycled to glory.

Filmed in Supermarionation

The studio that put puppetry on the map.

A Fine Step

When a horseman is injured, can an enthusiastic teen take over?

Free to Run

50 years ago, running was reserved for men. Until people stood up - and ran.

Gayby Baby

A portrait of four kids - whose parents all happen to be gay.

Pauline Hanson Please Explain

The rise of Australia's most divisive politician

Jeremy Scott - The Peoples Designer

Jeremy Scott’s ascent to Creative Director of Moschino.

Journal de France

An extraordinary travel journal from a great photographer

Life Off Grid

Exploring the lives of Canadians who have chosen to disconnect.

Life Animated

An autistic child uses Disney movies to learn to communicate with the world.


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