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A lawyer encourages the women of a small town to stand up against violence.


The first Aboriginal film star.


The country boy who cycled to glory.


A struggling paparazzo and a homeless actor chase fame.

CT Fletcher My Magnificent Obsession

The untold story of a world champion power lifter.


Amal Basry fled Iraq and 18 months later the boat she was on sank en route to Australia. 353 people drowned. Amal survived by clinging to the floating body of a dead woman for 22 hours.

Awake The Life Of Yogananda

The man who brought Yoga to the world.

Rumble The American Indians Who Rocked the World

Artists discuss the role that Native Americans have played in the development of American popular music.

Least Said Soonest Mended

Forced to adopt out her child, Valerie spent 25 years unknowing of its fate.

The Next Goal Wins

American Samoa's soccer team is an international laughing stock. Losers who haven't won a game in 10 years, they are desperate to gain the support and pride of their nation.

Angels Of War

Exploring the lives of native Papuans during WWII

Blood Brother

Rocky gives up everything when he meets a group of HIV positive orphans in India.


A disgraced sports star attempts to turn his life around.

The Enemy Within

The raw first-hand experience of those who lived through Britain’s longest strike.

Punjabi Love Story

An Australian woman married to a Pakistani man observes her maid's relationship.

Spandau Ballet Soul Boys of the Western World

The boys of Spandau Ballet have lived the dream.

What Maisie Knew

A young girl is caught between divorcing parents.


The highly anticipated adaptation of the phenomenal bestseller.


The life and career of ballet dancer Sergei Polunin

Robbery Under Arms Part 1

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.


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