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The Hollow Men

An extraordinary story of political corruption in NZ.

The Rescuers Heroes of the Holocaust

THE RESCUERS, the latest film from Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Michael King, uncovers the largely unknown stories of 13 heroic and courageous diplomats who, at tremendous personal cost, saved tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.

Tripod Live at Woodford

Scod, Yon and Gatesy are Tripod - one of the most popular and prolific comedy acts working in Australia today.

Bilby Brothers

Two men on a mission to preserve one of Australia’s strangest critters.

Blinky Bill the Mischievous Koala

An Aussie kids' classic about a mischievous koala.

Bran Nue Dae

How the successful stage musical got made.

Buena Vista Social Club

Aging Cuban musicians are brought out of retirement.

The Decline of Western Civilization Part III

The “Gutter punk" phenomenon.

Dinosaur 13

It was the biggest T-Rex ever found. And an even bigger legal battle.

The Edge Of The Possible

The creation of the Sydney Opera House.

The Highest Court

Inside the High Court of Australia.

Hong Kong Fooey

An insight into the complexities that face modern China.

The Imposter

Con artist Frederick Bourdin convinces a family he is their long-missing son.

Its Raining Pleasure The Triffids

The four-night reunion of a seminal 80s Aussie band

Least Said Soonest Mended

Forced to adopt out her child, Valerie spent 25 years unknowing of its fate.


The search for the perfect red.

Loyal to My Image

The many complex issues associated with adoption.

Mabo Life of an Island Man

A classic story of a man battling The System for his rights.

Oasis Supersonic

The remarkable story of iconic band Oasis – in their own words.

Pantani The Accidental Death Of A Cyclist

The rice and tragic fall of an iconic athlete.


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