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Black White and Gray

Wagstaff and Mapplethorpe - partners in the heady 1970s NY art world.


A look at John Lennon's NY residency in the 70s.


A delirious meditation on hysteria – and one of tabloid media's strangest stories.

Finding Fela

The life of the beloved father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti.

Spandau Ballet Soul Boys of the Western World

The boys of Spandau Ballet have lived the dream.

The Last Impresario

Michael White: theatre and film impresario responsible for 300 shows and 50 movies.

The Weather Underground

The protest group that evaded one of the largest manhunts in history.

The Wrecking Crew

The band behind the greats.

Heading South

Three American women converge on Haiti for illicit love.

Fire in Babylon

From 'Calypso Cricketers' to unbeatable force - the West Indies team.

For Love Or Money

An investigation and celebration of women’s work

Man on Wire

A maverick, a dreamer, an artist: Philippe Petit is all of these things and more.

Once Around the Sun

At last, the long-lost film inspired by Australia's first rock festival - The Pilgrimage For Pop Festival - at Ourimbah, near Sydney in 1970.

A Band Called Death

Before the Sex Pistols or the Ramones, there was a band called Death.

Blue Fin

A high seas coming-of-age yarn about set off Port Lincoln, SA.

Dot and the Kangaroo

A young girl gets lost in the outback and befriends a kangaroo.

The Edge Of The Possible

The creation of the Sydney Opera House.

Fantastic Planet

On a faraway planet oppressed humanoids rebel against their machine-like leaders.

Home On The Range

US political bases in Australia.


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