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The first Aboriginal film star.

The Last Impresario

Michael White: theatre and film impresario responsible for 300 shows and 50 movies.

Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

The World’s only comedic, country singing, yodeling lesbian twins.

Skippy And The Intruders

A boy and his kangaroo uncover a smuggling ring.

20 Feet from Stardom

Backup singers finally get the spotlight.

To Get Rich Is Glorious

A Hong Kong entrepreneur opens up his world of influence.

Robbery Under Arms Part 1

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

Robbery Under Arms Part 2

The adventures of enigmatic bushranger Captain Starlight.

The Nutcracker Sweet

It is Christmas Eve. And the children are set for a big adventure.

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

An iconic special-effects guru.

Human Capital

Two families become intertwined after a horrible accident.

Dot and the Kangaroo

A young girl gets lost in the outback and befriends a kangaroo.

Lo and Behold Reveries of the Connected World

Werner Herzog examines the world of the Internet.

Lord Of The Bush

Lord McAlpine has a dream to create a new civilisation in WA.

Woody Allen A Documentary

Trailing Allen on his movie sets and back to his childhood haunts.


Loving father, war criminal...or both?


A lawyer encourages the women of a small town to stand up against violence.

After The Storm

After Hurricane Katrina, theatre students create hope from despair.

The Coming War on China

Are the US and China on the road to war?


The highly anticipated adaptation of the phenomenal bestseller.


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