date: 10th May 2017

tags: Australian Film

A classic piece of Australiana, “Puberty Blues traces the lives of two adolescent females who have spent the first part of their lives in a group by themselves, while desperately trying to break into the “in” crowd who dominate the Greenhill beach.

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Everyone wants to be part of the “in” crowd – and Debbie (Nell Schofield) and Sue (Jad Capjela) are willing to do almost anything to be part of it. But once they are accepted into the group, they realise that the group’s laid-back, ultra-cool facade is just that: a glossy cover-up, in which they are expected to be subservient to their “cool” surfie boyfriends. Soon, though, the girls grow tired of occupying the victim role.

Directed by Aussie legend Bruce Beresford, “Puberty Blues” is a classic coming of age tale – a story so timeless it was recently turned into a successful TV series. Originally based on a book by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette, Beresford was irresistibly drawn to the story: “I loved the book because it was written by two young women about two teenage girls. The book seemed like a window to their lives, a totally authentic picture of youth culture.” A time capsule into the lives of teenagers in the early 80s, the themes of sexual politics, peer pressure, and the desire to fit in, remain relevant today.

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