Once Around the Sun

At last, the long-lost film inspired by Australia’s first rock festival – The Pilgrimage For Pop Festival – at Ourimbah, near Sydney in 1970.

Starring: Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Jeff St John and the Copperwine, Chain, Tully, Wendy Saddington and Company Caine, Leo de Castro, Hans Poulsen, Max Merritt and the Meteors and featuring Allan Moaryawaalla Barker.
“Ourimbah was the first and in my mind only real festival Australia ever had… Sunbury was about the music of our time, Ourimbah was about the time.” Billy Thorpe (2004)

“No, we are not freaks, we are human beings grasping at a freedom, and for one weekend it wasn’t simply a dream.” Wendy Saddington, ‘Go-Set’ (Feb 1970)

“We’re attempting a new form of film, a non-linear creation which moves in distance, not time – in real symbols – not symbolic reality.” Gordon Mutch, ‘Go-Set’ (Feb 1970)


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