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Technical info on how to get the best out of Beamafilm is available below:
Frequently Asked Questions:
     1. Can I watch films on my other devices?
     2. How fast does my internet speed need to be to watch a film on Beamafilm?
     3. Are there problems with my stream? I get a low-res version of the film when I have fast broadband access.
     4. Can I download a film and watch it later?
     5. What if I’m overseas, can I still watch films with my Beamafilm account?

Watching Beamafilm on your digital TV:
     Apple TV

System Requirements:
       Windows PC
     Operating Systems

Frequently Asked Questions about Beamafilm

Q1: Can I watch films on my other devices?
Beamafilm can be enjoyed on many devices (except where some manufacturers may have imposed limitations), including phones, tablets, and your home computer system (PC or Mac). You can view on your TV screen by connecting your TV to your computer or device via Apple TV, HDMI cable, or Chromecast.

Q2: How fast does my internet speed need to be to watch a film on Beamafilm?
1: Watch our free trailers - this provides a gauge of the quality you are likely to experience.

2: Conduct your own speed-test (speedtest.net), using one of the free speed-test services available online (a download speed no less than 850 KB/s (0.81 MB/s will ensure a good result).

3: If your online access speed is too low, simply contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and discuss options for improving your line speed.

Q3: Are there problems with my stream? I get a low-res version of the film when I have fast broadband access.
1: Firstly, check your internet line speed (see Q2 above). Every Beamafilm title is hosted in multiple renditions, and only the appropriate version is sent to you based on your internet connection speed. If you have a very low internet connection speed you may experience buffering or else a low res version of the film may be sent to you. You may need to upgrade your connection speed through your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

2: Secondly, check that your internet connection isn't being used by someone else in the house to download data-intensive content e.g. downloading a large file or watching YouTube, as this will affect your result.

3: Thirdly, make sure you're not uploading any content to the internet. Close all connections you currently have and restart your browser.

4: Lastly, you may need to re-start your router. Turn off the power for 30 seconds and then turn on again.

Q4: Can I download a film and watch it later?
Beamafilm is currently a streaming-only site, and therefore you can't download our films at this point in time.

Q5: What if I’m overseas, can I still watch films with my Beamafilm account?
Beamafilm is a global platform and with our HQ in Australia all of our content is available in the Australia/NZ territory. However, not all of our films are available globally as some films have geo-restrictions applied. If you are viewing from overseas choose from our Global Access Films collection.

Watching Beamafilm on Your Digital TV

Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, you can “cast” video from your Apple phone or tablet directly to your TV using AirPlay. All you need is:
     - iPhone 4 or later. iPhone 4s or later for AirPlay Mirroring.
     - iPad, iPad mini. iPad 2 or later for AirPlay Mirroring.
     - iPod touch (4th generation or later). iPod touch (5th generation or later) for AirPlay Mirroring.

     1. Make sure your iOS device (one of the phones, tablets or iPods above) and your Apple TV are connected to      the same WiFi network.
     2. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.
     3. Tap AirPlay.
     4. Tap the name of the device you want to cast to. Your TV will be identified with a small icon of a television.

What’s the difference between AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring?

AirPlay means that any audio or video on your iOS device will be displayed on your TV screen. AirPlay mirroring will show the entire iOS screen of the connected device on your TV screen. Either will work for watching Beamafilm.

Google Chromecast

Using Chromecast, you can “cast” video from computer or laptop directly to your TV. All you need is:
     - a television with a HDMI and USB port
     - Wi-Fi
     - and the Chromecast Device, which you can purchase from tech stores for between $39-$59, depending on      the model

First of all, make sure your Chromecast is set up according to Google’s Instructions.

Cast from Laptop/Computer:
     1. If you don’t already have it, download the Google Chrome web browser.
     2. Make sure your TV is on, and plug your Chromecast into the HDMI port. Connect the Chromecast’s power      supply to the USB port. (Your Chromecast should come with detailed instructions).
     3. Open Beamafilm on the Google Chrome web browser and choose a film.
     4. Click on the three-line menu icon located on the far right of the Chrome address bar and select "cast"      from the drop down menu.
     5. The Chromecast icon should now appear beside the three-line menu icon on the Chrome address bar.
     6. The selected film will now play onto the TV screen via Chromecast.


Using an HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop to your television so that you can view content from your laptop on your T.V. All you need is:
     - a television with a HDMI port
     - a HDMI cable (can be purchased online and at all tech stores)

     1. Plug your HDMI cable into your laptop, and then onto the HDMI port on your TV.
     2. Select the HDMI input on your TV with the remote (Usually the “Source” button).
     3. You should now see and hear everything on your laptop on your television.


Supported Browsers:

For the best viewing experience please use one of the latest browsers:
     - Google Chrome version 37 or later on Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.9 or later (Snow Leopard)
     - Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
     - Mozilla Firefox version 47 or later on Windows Vista or later and Mac OS X 10.7 or later
     - Opera version 33 or later on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later and Mac OS X 10.9 or later
     - Safari on Mac OS X 10.10 or later (Yosemite)

Operating Systems

You can use our HTML5 player to watch Beamafilm movies on PCs running Windows XP or later, and Intel-based Macs running OS X Tiger (v10.4.11) or later.

Note that only the client versions of Windows are officially supported, and an error is known to occur when a player loads in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Servers 2008. You may be able to resolve this issue by installing the optional Desktop Experience component on Windows Server 2008.


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