date: 4th Jan 2016

tags: Art, Documentary, Fashion

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess” – Iris Apfel. The 93 year old New Yorker’s flamboyant and eclectic sense of clothing has made her a fashion industry icon worldwide. Having spent her younger years traveling and collecting interesting pieces of non-western, artisanal clothing with her husband, Carl Apfel, Iris mixes colours and textures, designer and charity shop items, eras and layers to create her distinctive sense of style. This has led her to museum retrospectives, university lecturing and now a documentary.

>> Watch “Iris” now.

Acclaimed director of IRIS Albert Maysles is sometimes referred to as “the dean of documentaries” having previously directed such iconic films as Grey Gardens (1975) and The Rolling Stones: Give Me Shelter (1970). IRIS is an observational documentary in which Maysles captures her preference for enjoying and experiencing life rather than focusing on design or fashion.  In one part of the film Iris says “I just shrivel when people think that all I do is think about getting dressed…it’s better to be happy than well-dressed – people obsess about fashion when they shouldn’t.”

IRIS is an intriguing look into the world of high society and New York art/culture. Iris Apfel herself is an eccentric and charismatic character with a flair for the obscure. Her philosophy is one we can all appreciate and Maysles’ film artfully captures her perspective on life.

Watch the Trailer HERE!


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