date: 20th Mar 2017

tags: Culture, Food


Sake, often called “Japanese rice wine,” is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice and has a wide range of flavour, consistency and price. This special drink has a long, deep history rooted in Japanese culture, but outside of Japan, as a specialty drink, it’s still not well understood. For many international diners, sake remains a mystery; a beautiful, tasty, clear liquid that only has two questions to answer when ordering. Dry or sweet; and hot or cold? But of course to a true gourmet and aficionado sake is so much more than that.

>> Watch “Kampai! For the Love of Sake”


date: 12th Mar 2017

tags: Culture, Food


“Ants On a Shrimp: Noma In Tokyo” is an exploration of creativity and inspiration, and a journey of discovery into the people and places, sights and sounds, tastes and flavours, of one of the world’s most amazing food cultures.

>> Watch “Ants on a Shrimp: Noma in Tokyo”


date: 22nd Sep 2016

tags: Documentary, Food


We all know that coffee is one of the most wonderful things on the planet. And yet there is such a thing as the perfect coffee. In “Barista”, five top barista finds themselves trying to create that perfect coffee. But here’s the catch: they’re competing, and even one mistake is one too many.

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date: 16th May 2016

tags: Food

City of Gold

“City of Gold” charts the journey of Pulitzer-Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold as he explores the culinary world of his beloved Los Angeles. Fuelled by a passionate curiosity and a stunning intellect, Gold unearths the hidden mysteries of Los Angeles’ underground culinary culture one meal at a time.

>> Watch “City of Gold” now.


date: 13th May 2016

tags: Food, News, War

Make Hummus Not War

May the 13th is International Hummus Day. So tonight, grab your crackers and dip and check out “Make Hummus Not War” which asks – could  a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East?

>> Watch “Make Hummus Not War” now.


date: 8th Dec 2015

tags: Activism, Environment, Food, Humanities, Society


Black Gold, directed by brothers Marc and Nick Francis, reveals the shocking truth about the coffee industry and the crippling poverty facing coffee farmers worldwide.


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