ANZAC Day, on the 25th of April every year, marks the anniversary of the first major military action by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. Each year, we remember those who fought at Gallipoli, and honour ANZACs both past and present. Our picks for the long weekend include three films that celebrate the unique ANZAC spirit: The Telegram ManThanks Girls and Goodbye and Nancy Wake: Gestapo’s Most Wanted.



Beginning on the 14th of April, the highly anticipated Tribeca Film Festival will run for 11 days, highlighting some of the world’s best upcoming independent features and documentaries.


date: 24th Feb 2016

tags: Awards, Documentary, Film, Media, News


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will soon announce their selection for the best documentary feature of 2016.  Two docs nominated in the 88th Academy Awards, “Cartel Land” and “The Look of Silence”, will be released on Beamafilm next month ahead alongside previous winners: Citizenfour (2015); Searching for Sugar Man (2013); The Cove (2010) and Man on Wire (2009).


date: 12th Feb 2016

tags: Comedy, Documentary, Film, Romance


With St. Valentine’s Day fast approaching on Sunday the 14th of February, why not snuggle up and enjoy a night in with a romantic movie hand-picked by Beamafilm.


date: 8th Feb 2016

tags: Biography, Film

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He’s the man behind “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “A Chorus Line”, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail and a dozen stage sensations. Michael White has been producing classic cinema and stage shows for fifty years. “The Last Impresario” offers an intimate portrait of this entertainment legend.

>> Watch “The Last Impresario” now.


date: 5th Feb 2016

tags: Australian Film, Documentary, Family, LGBQI


Marriage equality has been a prominent issue for worldwide governments in recent times with New Zealand, Ireland and certain states of American leading the way. In Australia however, opposition has centred on the implications this holds for children to have both a mother and a father. “Gayby Baby”, directed by Sydney-born Maya Newell, explores the lives of four families with same sex parents.

>> Watch “Gayby Baby” now.


date: 3rd Feb 2016

tags: Documentary, Film, History


The Lumière brothers of France are widely acknowledged as the first filmmakers in history. But the month before they dazzled audiences with moving picture projections from their “Cinématographe” of 1895, three German brothers, Max, Emil and Eugen Skladanowsky, had patented a similar idea for capturing and then displaying film. Acclaimed director Wim Wenders sets out to put the focus back on the German brothers’ story in this fascinating documentary, “A Trick of the Light“.

>> Watch “A Trick of the Light” now.


date: 28th Jan 2016

tags: Documentary, Family, Film, Humanities, Society


Winning the Sundance Grand Jury Best Documentary Prize for 2015 “The Wolfpack” is an extraordinary coming of age story that highlights the powerful influence of film. As children, the Angulos brothers were confined to their parents’ apartment in the Lower East Side of New York under the rule of their strict Peruvian father who disapproved of outside influence on his family. Sheltered from society, the boys learned about life from their father’s collection of films.

>> Watch “The Wolfpack” now.


date: 14th Dec 2015

tags: Australian Film, Children's, Documentary, Family, Society


The impact a teacher might have on a student can be life-changing – but are our teachers receiving enough credit? Inspiring Teachers gives credit where credit is due following four unorthodox Australian teachers as they educate students from English to Mathematics and beyond the classroom to their extra-curricular roles as sports coach or club leaders.  The effort and dedication these teachers show to their students is artfully captured alongside student perspectives and what it means to truly inspire someone.


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