date: 20th Nov 2017

tags: Crime, Drama, Horror

Still from Hounds of Love

The debut feature of Aussie director Ben Young, “Hounds of Love” is a savage thriller that will shock and enthrall.

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date: 14th May 2017

tags: Crime, Drama


Winner of five AFI Awards, including Best Film and featuring Academy Award® winner Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) in his breakthrough performance, “Two Hands” is a classic Aussie crime tale about a young man coming of age in a tough world of crooks and villains.

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date: 7th May 2017

tags: Drama


In a place almost untouched by time and in an age still blessed by innocence, a father and his two sons struggle to make sense of their changing relationships.

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date: 4th May 2017

tags: Drama, War


The Killing Fields is the true story of one man’s heroism and the struggle for two men to reunite against the terrifying backdrop of the Khmer Rouge.

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date: 27th Mar 2017

tags: Drama

Is this the Real World

In the real world you can’t just do what you want. In the real world you have to compromise. Mark Blazey does not want to live in the real world.

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date: 22nd Dec 2016

tags: Drama

Wendy and Lucy

Wendy sets out one day on a long drive north to Alaska. Accompanied only by her dog, Lucy, and buoyed by thoughts of employment at her destination, Wendy is forlorn. When her car breaks down in Oregon, and with no money left for dog food, Wendy turns to shoplifting. But after being caught by an over-zealous store attendant and finding that Lucy has run away, Wendy feels her luck slowly slipping away…


date: 12th May 2016

tags: Adventure, Drama, Sport


National pride and Olympic gold await those that manage to climb the infamous North Face of the Eiger Mountain. However, attempts to scale the North Face’s unrelenting wall of ice and snow have ended in death. No one has yet been successful in reaching its summit. And yet the challenge to conquer the North Face is the aspiration of many of Europe’s best mountain climbers, and is a challenge taken up by two German climbers.

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ANZAC Day, on the 25th of April every year, marks the anniversary of the first major military action by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. Each year, we remember those who fought at Gallipoli, and honour ANZACs both past and present. Our picks for the long weekend include three films that celebrate the unique ANZAC spirit: The Telegram ManThanks Girls and Goodbye and Nancy Wake: Gestapo’s Most Wanted.


date: 20th Apr 2016

tags: Drama, Interview, War

The Telegram Man

Beamafilm talks to James Francis Khehtie about his award-winning film “The Telegram Man”, a poignant tale of war and loss.

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Beginning on the 14th of April, the highly anticipated Tribeca Film Festival will run for 11 days, highlighting some of the world’s best upcoming independent features and documentaries.



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