date: 22nd Sep 2016

tags: Documentary, Food


We all know that coffee is one of the most wonderful things on the planet. And yet there is such a thing as the perfect coffee. In “Barista”, five top barista finds themselves trying to create that perfect coffee. But here’s the catch: they’re competing, and even one mistake is one too many.

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date: 14th Jul 2016

tags: Documentary


Someone had to make a film about Shep Gordon. Gordon is a music industry legend, a Hollywood manager whose stellar career saw him befriend almost every celebrity you can name and whose clientele ranged from Blondie to Alice Cooper. In “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon”, Mike Myers tries his hand at documenting to catch the life and times of the legend on film.

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date: 13th Jul 2016

tags: Documentary, Film Festivals, News



Beamafilm are proud to have been sponsors of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in its inaugural year. Over the past three days, the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival presented a fantastic variety of documentaries, both short and feature-length. The overall winner of the Supreme Jury Prize was vaping documentary “A Billion Lives.”


date: 7th Jul 2016

tags: Documentary, Environment, Wildlife

Baby Orangutan

Each year, fires are lit to burn off vast expanses of Indonesia’s forests. The burning destroys the pristine rainforests, thereby endangering Indonesia’s orangutan population and contributing to climate change. “The Burning Season” is the story of one man’s quest to find a solution.

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date: 30th Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Documentary

The Hunting Ground

“The Hunting Ground” explores the US college culture of sexual violence and institutional cover ups as a group of college women uncover the truth and fight for justice.

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date: 15th Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Documentary, Law


On November 23rd 2012, Jordan Davis, a black 17 year-old, and his friends pulled into a gas station. Three and a half minutes later, ten shots had been fired.

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date: 9th Jun 2016

tags: Documentary, Environment


Academy Award® Winner for the Best Documentary of 2009, “The Cove” follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers, and freedivers as they embark to uncover a dark secret in a hidden cove in Taiji, Japan.

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date: 6th Jun 2016

tags: Documentary, Religion

Silence in the House of God

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s controversial “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God” investigates the endemic sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic Church.

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date: 30th May 2016

tags: Documentary, Environment


“Chasing Ice” is the story of an environmental photographer’s mission to bring the reality of climate change to the public and thereby change the course of history for the better.

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date: 19th May 2016

tags: Art, Culture, Documentary

Peggy Guggenheim

In “Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict”, award-winning French director Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s paints an intimate portrait of one of modern art’s most influential patrons. The film documents the life of Peggy Guggenheim, a woman who used her inherited fortune to create one of the greatest collections of twentieth-century art.

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