date: 20th Nov 2017

tags: Crime, Drama, Horror

Still from Hounds of Love

The debut feature of Aussie director Ben Young, “Hounds of Love” is a savage thriller that will shock and enthrall.

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date: 14th May 2017

tags: Crime, Drama


Winner of five AFI Awards, including Best Film and featuring Academy Award® winner Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) in his breakthrough performance, “Two Hands” is a classic Aussie crime tale about a young man coming of age in a tough world of crooks and villains.

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date: 9th Mar 2016

tags: Awards, Crime, History

The Look of Silence

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards, “The Look of Silence” is Joshua Oppenheimer’s compelling companion piece to his award-winning film “The Act of Killing“, revealing the history and perpetrators of the 1965 Indonesian genocide.

>> Watch “The Look of Silence” now.


date: 7th Sep 2015

tags: Crime, Drama, Fiction Film

Angel's Share

Narrowly avoiding jail, new dad Robbie vows to turn over a new leaf. A visit to a whisky distillery inspires him and his mates to seek a way out of their hopeless lives. “The Angel’s Share” is a fine whisky of a film directed by award-winning director Ken Loach.


date: 26th May 2015

tags: Biography, Crime, Law


Not just your ordinary person, the Hon Michael Kirby during his long career in law has always been a man of strong personal convictions. Viewed by many of his colleagues as a talker and as an “Activist Judge” the film explores personal, moral and spiritual convictions of one of our most compassionate and incisive legal minds.

date: 20th May 2015

tags: Biography, Crime, Culture, Documentary, Media, Society


This week to beamafilm, we bring you the bio doc following investigative journalist Dominick Dunne. During his career, Dunne has covered court room dramas that follow the rich and famous and during the documentary you will be present as he covers the trial of Phil Spector.

date: 29th Jan 2014

tags: Biography, Crime, Culture, Fiction Film


“Michael Howe leaves Ned Kelly for dead” says director Brendan Cowell…and watching this tale of rebellion, love and treachery, we believe him.

date: 23rd Dec 2013

tags: Crime, News, Politics, Society


For over forty years, America’s “War on Drugs” has accounted for 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer, and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet for all that, drugs in America are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever before.

date: 28th Nov 2013

tags: Crime, News

The Imposter

It was a miracle, and it was too good to be true. In 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappeared without a trace from San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half year later, he was found. Four and a half months later, they discovered he was an imposter.


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