date: 14th Aug 2017

tags: Comedy

The Comedian's Guide to Survival directed by Mark Murphy

It’s a tough life trying to make people laugh. It might be fun for some but utter misery for others – it is a journey nonetheless into the unpredictable existence of the jobbing comedian.

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date: 17th Oct 2016

tags: Biography, Comedy

Spike Milligan

An intimate and deeply personal portrait of comic genius Spike Milligan through the eyes of his brother, three daughters and third wife. Each saw a very different side of this complex and multifaceted man who forever changed English comedy and trampled on the notions of decorum and deference. For the first time his family have opened up their personal archives to reveal Spike as a brilliant, tortured and visionary man who trod the thin line between genius and debilitating depression…

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date: 12th Feb 2016

tags: Comedy, Documentary, Film, Romance


With St. Valentine’s Day fast approaching on Sunday the 14th of February, why not snuggle up and enjoy a night in with a romantic movie hand-picked by Beamafilm.


date: 8th Oct 2015

tags: Comedy, Drama, Film, War


Our latest release ‘A Hero’s Choice’ is a light-hearted and darkly comedic parable directed by Bogdan Dreyer. A night of misadventure and immorality ensues after a young boy finds a soldier’s dead body near a village in Nazi-occupied Romania. The German authorities demand that the guilty party confess else the town’s leaders will be executed the following morning regardless of the perpetrator’s identity.


date: 11th Jun 2015

tags: Comedy, Culture, Music


Scod, Yon and Gatesy are Tripod – one of the most popular and prolific comedy acts working in Australia today filmed their show at the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL. This performance captures many of Tripod’s favourite songs and routines, with the boys in fine fettle.

date: 30th Jan 2015

tags: Comedy, Documentary


Jacques Tati, France’s unique master of comedy film, was a loner and did not belong to any school except his own. He kept his distance from other directors and from ideas like the cinéma d’auteur. Yet his four main features, made with meticulous care between 1947 and 1968, were created almost entirely by him, as writer, director and star. Tati invites you to see not the comedian, but comedy itself. That explains why he’s given us the adjective ‘tatiesque’ to describe the delicious absurdity of people behaving… well, as they do!

date: 6th Sep 2014

tags: Art, Biography, Comedy, Culture, Society


Joan Rivers was a brilliant woman who will be sorely missed. Celebrate her life by watching the epic doco ‘Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work” – a year long journey with the irreverent comedian and pop icon.

date: 30th Jan 2014

tags: Comedy, Fiction Film


To break a curse, Isabelle must marry an idiot…


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