date: 4th Aug 2017

tags: Australian history, Interview


Beamafilm talks to Malcolm McKinnon, the director of “The Farmer’s Cinematheque”, about the challenges and joys of making the film.

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date: 13th Jul 2017

tags: Australian history, Documentary


In 1967 a group of Victorian AFL (VFL) stars jetted off to challenge the All-Ireland champions, County Meath, at their own game.

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date: 10th Jul 2017

tags: Australian history, Documentary, Humanities


For more than fifty years, Relvy Teasdale and his son John made beautiful films on their farm and within their small community in the Wimmera region of Australia. For the Teasdales, farming and film-making were an inter- related devotional practice, offering views into the psychological, social and economic complexities of a wondrous and sophisticated rural world that on the one hand seems to be disappearing but on the other continues to sustain, adapt and recreate itself. Their luminous archive connects past and present generations, revealing the rhythms and rituals of life on the land and drawing surprising parallels between settler and indigenous modes of mapping and looking after country.

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date: 11th Jun 2017

tags: Australian history


Ned Kelly is an Australian icon.  Thought a hero by some and a terrorist by others, this documentary sets out to examine the man, the many prickly issues and to tell the historically accurate story. 11

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date: 4th Jun 2017

tags: Australian history, War


The Kokoda Campaign is one of Australia’s most famous conflicts in World War II. But what was it really like, for troops on both sides of the conflict?

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Thoroughly researched and adapted from journalist John Morgan’s 1852 book, based on William Buckley’s own personal account of survival, “The Extraordinary Tale of William Buckley” tells the remarkable true story of the escaped convict who lived with Wathaurong, an Aboriginal tribe in south-eastern Australia long before white colonization.

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date: 1st May 2017

tags: Australian history, News


Beyond Our Ken gains access to Australia’s notorious cult Kenja – a ‘spiritual awareness centre’ accused of hypnotic mind control, sexual abuse and blamed by families for the disappearance of loved ones.

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date: 24th Apr 2017

tags: Australian history

Telegram Man

ANZAC Day, on the 25th of April every year, marks the anniversary of the first major military action by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. Each year, we remember those who fought at Gallipoli, and honour ANZACs both past and present. Our picks for the long weekend include three films that celebrate the unique ANZAC spirit: The Telegram ManThanks Girls and Goodbye and Nancy Wake: Gestapo’s Most Wanted.



Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2015) is an epic film about about courage, family, Aboriginal culture and law as Putuparri Tom Lawford, a Kimberley Wangkajunga man, takes a deeply rewarding journey back to his desert home and traditional lands.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.45.13 am

In NAIDOC Week (3 – 10 July 2016), Australia celebrates the history, culture, and achievements of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Under this year’s NAIDOC Week theme, “Songlines – The living narrative of our nation”, we can celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through the lens of film.



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