date: 22nd Dec 2016

tags: Drama

Wendy sets out one day on a long drive north to Alaska. Accompanied only by her dog, Lucy, and buoyed by thoughts of employment at her destination, Wendy is forlorn. When her car breaks down in Oregon, and with no money left for dog food, Wendy turns to shoplifting. But after being caught by an over-zealous store attendant and finding that Lucy has run away, Wendy feels her luck slowly slipping away…

Wendy and Lucy

Starring Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams in a role which one her universal critical acclaim, “Wendy and Lucy” is a beautiful, poignant drama that is sure to resonate. NOTE: For the dog lovers in the room, we will reveal Lucy’s fate at the bottom of the page, beneath the banner, so you know whether the film is safe to watch or not!

“Wendy and Lucy” is the third feature film from American director Kelly Reichardt, and has won over eight awards, including the American Film Institute’s “Movie of the Year”, and many awards for Williams’ stellar performance. But Lucy (as herself) was not left out, receiving a special “Palm Dog” at the Cannes Film Festival. Produced on a small budget of $200,000, and filmed entirely on location with a minimal crew, “Wendy and Lucy” is a testament to the power of modern independent film making.





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