date: 26th Aug 2016

tags: Politics, Society


In “Where to Invade Next” Michael Moore sets out to tell his fellow Americans what most of us already suspect: America is not the middle class paradise that Americans are led to believe. It’s actually a long way down the table on healthcare, looking after the homeless, prison reform and other basic benefits that wealthy first world countries are expected to provide for its citizens.

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date: 18th Aug 2016

tags: Education, Science

National Science Week Logo. Image:

We’re right in the middle of National Science Week. It’s a week that celebrates science and technology, and the contributions of many to these fields. So why not spark your curiosity and get inspired by one of our stunning science films: Sepideh: Reaching for the StarsIn the Shadow of the MoonParticle FeverWho’s Afraid of Wilhelm ReichPandora’s PromiseThis Changes Everything.


date: 18th Aug 2016

tags: Culture, Politics

Pryor Cartoon

“Hired Assassins” is a documentary that explores Australia’s political landscape as seen through the sharp eyes of its best editorial cartoonists. In it, we are plunged into the editorial world of daily newspapers and political satire as the cartoonists attempt to distill humour from the chaotic blend of world events.

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date: 15th Aug 2016

tags: Sport

Death of a Gentleman

“Death of a Gentleman” follows two cricket journalists as they trace an international scandal that will rock cricket to its core. Is test cricket dead? And can it be saved?

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Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.43.51 am

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is a time to celebrate and acknowledge indigenous stories – and what better way is there than through documentary film?


date: 3rd Aug 2016

tags: Romance


Set in Germany, “A Promise” is a romantic drama that centres upon the relationship between a married woman and her husband’s protégé. As their love is thwarted, separated first by duty and then by war, they make a promise to one another: a pledge of devotion, against all the odds.

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