date: 28th Jan 2016

tags: Documentary, Family, Film, Humanities, Society


Winning the Sundance Grand Jury Best Documentary Prize for 2015 “The Wolfpack” is an extraordinary coming of age story that highlights the powerful influence of film. As children, the Angulos brothers were confined to their parents’ apartment in the Lower East Side of New York under the rule of their strict Peruvian father who disapproved of outside influence on his family. Sheltered from society, the boys learned about life from their father’s collection of films.

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date: 25th Jan 2016

tags: Documentary, Sport


Adam Darke’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: Highlights and Official Film is an exhilarating journey that captures the excitement of the tournament for international players and fans. The opening ceremony was held on 17 February 2011 at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka and the tournament was played between 19 February and 2 April, with 14 national cricket teams taking part. All matches were One Day Internationals played over 50 overs.

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date: 23rd Jan 2016

tags: Documentary, Humanities, Society


David Thorpe’s Do I Sound Gay?” is brimming with cheeky humour, mostly at Thorpe’s own expense, as it explores the theories and facts behind the human voice and what makes it sound the way it does, in particular his own voice as a gay man.

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date: 7th Jan 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, Humanities, Politics


Sundance Best Documentary nominated film How to Change the World” tracks the Greenpeace story harking back to a group of comrades who set sail into the Bering Sea to stop nuclear testing on islands west of Alaska in 1971. Amongst them; Vancouver Sun columnist Bob Hunter, a media-savvy journo who had brought his 16mm camera to document their voyage. Hunter captured the whole expedition on film from the regular maintenance of their vessel to when they encountered Nixon’s galleys.

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date: 4th Jan 2016

tags: Art, Documentary, Fashion


“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess” – Iris Apfel. The 93 year old New Yorker’s flamboyant and eclectic sense of clothing has made her a fashion industry icon worldwide. Having spent her younger years traveling and collecting interesting pieces of non-western, artisanal clothing with her husband, Carl Apfel, Iris mixes colours and textures, designer and charity shop items, eras and layers to create her distinctive sense of style. This has led her to museum retrospectives, university lecturing and now a documentary.

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