date: 31st Aug 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Internet

In Real Life

InRealLife asks: what exactly is the internet and what is it doing to our children? Taking us on a journey from the bedrooms of British teenagers to the world of Silicon Valley, filmmaker Beeban Kidron suggests that rather than the promise of free and open connectivity, young people are increasingly ensnared in a commercial world. Beguiling and glittering on the outside, it can be alienating and addictive. 

date: 27th Aug 2015

tags: Art, Biography, Documentary

Finding Vivian Maier

When John Maloof bought an unmarked box of undeveloped negatives back in 2007, he had no idea that he had just stumbled upon one of the 20th century’s most important troves of street photography and self/portraiture. The photographer: Vivian Maier, a secretive and eccentric nanny who over the course of more than three decades took tens of thousands of photos of everyday urban life – and showed them to no one.


date: 25th Aug 2015

tags: Activism, Art, Culture, Documentary

Inside Out

Inside Out is a film about the french artist JR giving away his method and the inspiring stories that follow. JR won the TED Prize in 2011. Then he gave his prize (the wish to ‘turn the world Inside Out’) and his art back to the people, creating a global participatory art project inviting people to stand up for what they care about through the power of their own image.


date: 20th Aug 2015

tags: Activism, Art, Documentary

Banksy Does New York

Banksy is revered and reviled, considered both a vandal and a genius. Completely anonymous, he is nevertheless without question one of the world’s best known living artists. Over the course of a month-long residency in New York in October 2013, Banksy and his team took to the streets – secretly creating a variety of public work ranging from elaborate conceptual stunts to traditional graffiti art.


date: 18th Aug 2015

tags: Activism, Biography, Politics


American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about American academic Norman Finkelstein. A devoted son of holocaust survivors, ardent critics of Israel and US Mid-East policy, and author of five provocative books including, “The Holocaust Industry”.


date: 17th Aug 2015

tags: Documentary, Fashion

Dior and I

DIOR AND I is a tantalising ‘behind-the-seams’ glimpse at the making of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection for Christian Dior in 2012. Established in the fashion world as a minimalist designer, Simons has both his reputation and the legacy of Dior on the line when appointed Creative Director of the iconic Parisian brand.


date: 13th Aug 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Music, Society

Decline of Western Civilization 3

The final film in Penelope Spheeris’ ground breaking “The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization” is out now! In 1981 Spheeris explored the punk rock culture and in 1988 she turned her lens on heavy metal. In Part III, made ten years later, she delves into the harsh, anti-establishment world of “gutter punk”.


date: 12th Aug 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Internet, Law, Media, Music

Rip a Remix Manifesto

Immerse yourself in the energetic, innovative and potentially illegal world of mash-up media with Rip!: A Remix Manifesto. Let web activist Brett Gaylor and musician Greg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, serve as your digital tour guides on a probing investigation into how culture builds upon culture in the information age.

date: 11th Aug 2015

tags: Documentary, Music, Society

Alice Cooper

Calling all metalheads! Part II of Penelope Spheeris’ ground breaking Decline of Western Civilization trilogy follows the heavy metal scene in Los Angeles, with particular emphasis on the glam metal subgenre. Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley – they’re all here…


date: 6th Aug 2015

tags: Humanities, Music

Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

Hold on to your pool chairs! All three of Penelope Spheeris’ entertaining, heartbreaking and iconic Decline of Western Civilization documentaries – the films chronicling L.A.’s hardcore punk, hair-metal and gutter-punk phenomena – have been lovingly restored!


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