date: 29th May 2015

tags: Architecture, Documentary, History


In 1957 legendary architect Jorn Utzon won a prize like no other, he landed the job of transforming Sydney’s Circular Quay into the iconic destination it is now known for today. He won the chance to design the iconic Sydney Opera House.

date: 26th May 2015

tags: Biography, Crime, Law


Not just your ordinary person, the Hon Michael Kirby during his long career in law has always been a man of strong personal convictions. Viewed by many of his colleagues as a talker and as an “Activist Judge” the film explores personal, moral and spiritual convictions of one of our most compassionate and incisive legal minds.


On the run from gangsters, police and Hollywood big-wigs, two Australian filmmakers try to leave their mark on the film industry. Like a filmmaking Bonnie and Clyde, Rupert Kathner and Alma Brooks went on a film spree developing films while traveling thousands of miles, not letting anything get in their way.

date: 21st May 2015

tags: Animation, Anime, Documentary


Starting in 2008, legendary anime director Isao Takahata began work on his project Tale of the Princess Kaguya. This documentary looks behind the creation of the film and ultimately the foundation of Ghibli Studio7, a studio set-up to meet the unique animation style.

date: 20th May 2015

tags: Biography, Crime, Culture, Documentary, Media, Society


This week to beamafilm, we bring you the bio doc following investigative journalist Dominick Dunne. During his career, Dunne has covered court room dramas that follow the rich and famous and during the documentary you will be present as he covers the trial of Phil Spector.

date: 13th May 2015

tags: Documentary, History, Science


When excavating in the Bad Lands of South Dakota,a team of Paleontologists stumbled onto the biggest find they could imagine. ‘Sue’ as they would later name her was the largest intact Tyrannosaurs Rex fossil ever found, the only problem was, everyone who was anyone wanted to make a claim to her.

date: 6th May 2015

tags: Art, Documentary, Film


Chacun Son Cinema is a film comprising of 33 short films from the most critically acclaimed directors. Compiled by Cannes Director Gilles Jacob, it was brought together as the perfect gift to the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.


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