date: 27th Dec 2014

tags: Animation, Documentary


Studio Ghibli, the brainchild of directors Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and producer Toshio Suzuki, has captivated audiences the world over with its dreamlike, fantastical animations such as SPIRITED AWAY, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE and GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES. This documentary looks at how they managed such an amazing run, and what could be next for the beloved studio.

date: 24th Dec 2014

tags: Music


KATY PERRY: THE GIRL WHO RAN AWAY is a revealing documentary about one of the world’s most successful and celebrated pop icons. With a mix of interviews, music and behind the scenes access.

date: 18th Dec 2014

tags: Documentary, Music


SOUL BOYS OF THE WESTERN WORLD is a journey through the 1980s and beyond; the story of a band, an era and how one small gathering of outsiders in London shaped the entire world’s view of music and fashion. The film is not only a fascinating, often hard-hitting social and cultural document of the time, but a brutally honest story of how friendships can be won, lost and ultimately regained.

date: 15th Dec 2014

tags: Music


KATY PERRY – IN HER OWN WORDS is a brand new documentary featuring numerous filmed interviews with Katy across her career, revealing an enormity of new information that – coming from those luscious lips – can – unlike most of the hype that gets churned out – be treated with confidence that it is the naked truth.


date: 15th Dec 2014

tags: Humanities


John Pilger’s documentary UTOPIA has been the most viewed documentary on beamafilm since we started streaming in 2012 because it touches on one of the most sensitive running sores in Australia’s history. Pilger’s next film, THE COMING WAR promises to enlighten us about a long-running problem for the USA – and Australia because of the ANZUS Treaty –  the growth of China. Surely, in an era of climate change we need to pull together with China.

date: 12th Dec 2014

tags: Biography, Culture, Documentary, Humanities, Travel


Rocky Braat, a young man from a fractured family and a troubled past, went traveling through India without a plan. Then he met a group of HIV positive children living in an orphanage, and everything changed. Rocky left his life, friends, and career in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to live with the kids. Rocky and the kids endured disease, abject poverty, and death. But, in the midst of these troubles, BLOOD BROTHER captures their deep joy, and from it comes an understanding of why Rocky had given up everything he had to experience it.

date: 9th Dec 2014

tags: Documentary, Humanities


Canadian voice-over artist, Ashleigh Ball, has been the voice of numerous cartoon characters. However, when she was hired as the voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash on the MY LITTLE PONY; FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC series, she had no idea she was about to become an internet phenomenon and voice celebrity among a very unique fan group known as ‘Bronies’.


date: 1st Dec 2014

tags: Documentary


THE IRISH PUB is a celebration of the greatest institution in Irish society, the pub or more specifically, the traditional Irish publicans who run them. The characters in this exceptionally endearing film all run and own pubs that have been in their families for generations and it is through their warmth, wit and wisdom that we gain an insight into the heart and soul of THE IRISH PUB.

date: 1st Dec 2014

tags: Documentary


A massive hailstorm hit Brisbane last week. Some people heard a drumming sound coming from the south as the storm approached. The hail was as big as oranges hitting thousands of tin roofs – Brisbane, the old world city of timber and tin, drumming up the storm. One of our latest titles is called AFTER THE STORM. On this Thanksgiving we are glad that a number of houses were spared, unlike many in New Orleans when Katrina struck. AFTER THE STORM is about New York actors helping victims of Katrina stage a musical.


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