date: 27th Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, History, War


The last witness speaks. A man who lived in Hitler’s court, working as his telephone operator and bodyguard, tells a Jewish woman from Israel about the final years of Hitler’s life, about his last hours. He sifts through hundreds of photos, pulling out this one and that one; here he is with Hitler; and here he is standing guard while Hitler sleeps; and here is Eva Braun; and the Goebbles family.


date: 24th Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, Drama


After the Storm is a feature-length documentary film that follows a group of New York Broadway actors who were inspired to help the youth of New Orleans. They stage a musical theater production of the Broadway play “Once on this Island” with local teenagers at the St. Marks Community Center located at the edge of the French Quarter. The film follows the crew and the kids from auditions through performances and also includes the story of each young actor’s life in the wake of Katrina.’ The story of the musical reflects very much so the life in New Orleans post Katrina.

date: 20th Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, Religion


Filmmaker Pan Nalin (Samsara) travels to Kumbh Mela in India, one of the world’s most extraordinary religious events. There, he encounters remarkable men of mind and meditation, some facing an inextricable dilemma; to embrace the world or to renounce it.


date: 13th Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, Sport


Professional surfer Stephanie Gilmore won her first world championship event at age 17 on a day off from high school. Over the next four years, she led the sport, claiming consecutive world titles as the undisputed champion. Stephanie’s talent seemed untouchable – until a violent turn of events abruptly ended her winning streak. This intimate documentary portrait follows Stephanie on the professional circuit as she reassesses her future.

date: 10th Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, Politics


Buried Alive exposes some of the ugly truths about the nature of Western Democracy, the world media and third world colonialism. But the story of East Timor also presents the potential for individuals to effect change.


date: 3rd Nov 2014

tags: Documentary, Politics

maxresdefault (18)

American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about American academic Norman Finkelstein. A devoted son of holocaust survivors, ardent critics of Israel and US Mid-East policy, and author of five provocative books including, “The Holocaust Industry”. Finkelstein has been steadfast at the center of many intractable controversies, including his recent denial of tenure at DePaul University. Called a lunatic and disgusting self-hating Jew by some, and an inspirational street fighting revolutionary by others, Finkelstein is a deeply polarizing figure whose struggles arise from core questions about freedom, identity and nationhood.


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