date: 28th Oct 2013

tags: Biography, Culture, Music


“Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” – the phrase normally conjures up a more glamorous image than that of a burnt out fifty-four year old smoking cocaine in his mother’s basement. But for Bobby Liebling, the lead singer of seventies metal band Pentagram, it’s the harsh reality. Could a big comeback change it all? “Last Days Here” has the answer.


date: 24th Oct 2013

tags: Culture, Politics


Hummus is a popular Middle-Eastern dip made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic. It’s a simple, cheap, and delicious food. But several countries claim it as their national dish. Those countries are Palestine, Israel and Lebanon – not exactly known for their love of one another. Yet could hummus also be a key to unification?

date: 22nd Oct 2013

tags: Environment


Killer whale pods are characterised by the complexity and depth of the social interaction between the whales. So when one baby orca – Luna – finds himself alone, it seeks out the only companionship it can: humans. For a short time, the barriers between human and ‘other’ are broken down by Luna’s friendships with humans. But can these forbidden friendships last? And at what cost?

date: 19th Oct 2013

tags: Society, Sport


For the young men at Manassas High School, who live in a rough inner-city neighbourhood in Memphis, football is their chance for a better life. But in over 100 years, the Manassas High School team has never reached the play-offs. Under their determined new coach, that’s all about to change.

date: 17th Oct 2013

tags: Culture, History, News


In the fast-growing digital age, traditional newspapers are increasingly under threat.  Newspapers that for over a hundred years have been considered the best sources of news and investigative reporting are being abandoned for new types of media. Even The New York Times, once revered, is in peril. Filmmaker Andrew Rossi takes his audience inside a challenging, and exciting, year at The New York Times.

date: 11th Oct 2013

tags: News, Society


Freakonomics”, published in 2005, was the best-selling collaboration between ‘rogue economist’ Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner. In it, they explored ‘the hidden side of everything’ using economic theory to discover unexpected realities about topics as wide as sumo wrestling, abortion, real estate and baby naming. Their groundbreaking theories at once became the topic of global conversation – and of this engaging documentary.

date: 8th Oct 2013

tags: Art, Biography, Culture


Marina Abramovic is one of the twentieth century’s foremost performance artists, known for her long durational works in which she subjects her body to extreme physical and emotional challenges. In 2010, New York’s Museum of Modern Art hosted a retrospective of her work, for which Abramovic created one of her most challenging works to date.

date: 3rd Oct 2013

tags: Culture, Fashion


Fashion modelling and all its associated issues are a constant source of material for the tabloid press. But in all this discussion, we rarely hear what the models themselves have to say. The women in this documentary have seen and done it all – and they do have a lot to say.

date: 1st Oct 2013

tags: Art, Biography, Culture, Politics


Ai Weiwei is one of China’s most famous artists and political activists, using his art and his considerable social media influence to make statements about Chinese and world politics. A man who never shies from self-portraits, and has a large presence online and in world media, “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” is an outsider’s portrait of this influential man.


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