date: 26th Sep 2013

tags: Biography, War


When filmmaker Danfung Dennis was filming a Company of US Marines in Afghanistan, he met their leader, Sergeant Nathan Harris. Just before he was due to return home, Harris was shot in the hip. “Hell And Back Again” is an extraordinary document of Harris’ return home and his attempt to readjust to civilian life, intercut with scenes of the war he fought.

date: 23rd Sep 2013

tags: Culture, Society


In four different countries, four different babies are born: Ponijao in Namibia; Hattie in the United States; Bayar in Mongolia and Mari in Japan. The cultures in which they are raised are very different – but their development, from their first words to their first steps, is fundamentally the same.

date: 20th Sep 2013

tags: Culture, Society


Every year, over one hundred thousand passionate pop-culture fans make the pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con. There, fans of various video games, comic books and fantasy/science-fiction/horror television shows and films gather in their masses, dressing as favourite characters, meeting their idols and sharing their enthusiasm with thousands of others. It is a colourful, exciting and inspiring world – and documentary maker Morgan Spurlock welcomes us in.

date: 18th Sep 2013

tags: Biography, Society


David Siegel (74) is the billionaire founder of the Westgate Resorts business empire. His wife, Jacqueline (43) and his eight children live in luxury, and are about to upgrade to the largest residential home ever built in America – affectionately known as “Versailles”, their own personal palace. But when the Global Financial Crisis hits, their dream of Versailles comes crashing down.

date: 16th Sep 2013

tags: Biography


“Your horse is a mirror to your soul” – these are the words of horse trainer Buck Brannaman, whose skill with horses is legendary in America. From a childhood of abuse to a life helping horses (and their owners) with patience and determination, “Buck” explores his extraordinary story.

date: 12th Sep 2013

tags: History, Politics, Sport


Reggae, Rastafari and one of the best cricket teams the world has ever seen – “Fire in Babylon” is a vibrant and joyous documentary that celebrates the many triumphs of the West Indies cricket team.

date: 9th Sep 2013

tags: Biography, Fashion


Bill Cunningham is a legend in a blue jacket. With two long running fashion columns in The New York Times, including the famous “On the Street”, Cunningham’s name is synonymous with modern fashion reporting. “Bill Cunningham New York ” is a portrait of the life of this extraordinary man.

date: 6th Sep 2013

tags: Politics, War


The Afghanistan War has been a long struggle, played out on an international media stage. “Restrepo” records one year with one group of soldiers in one of the most dangerous valleys in Afghanistan – and what emerges is an intimate human story.

date: 3rd Sep 2013

tags: Environment, Politics


Dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, began again on the first of September this year. The controversial activism documentary “The Cove” made a huge impact on global awareness of this issue, but the fight is far from over.


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